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Trade up to save money with Zebra

By aisltd, Thursday, 25th March 2021 | 0 comments
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Are you using one of these printers that is end of service? If so, you need to upgrade to avoid downtime.

Now is a great time to think about upgrading your printers, especially if you are running old printers and print engines that are now end of service such as:

  • 105SL (EOS Sep 2018) - Direct replacement ZT510
  • ZM400/ZM600 (EOS Dec 2019) - Direct replacement ZT400
  • S4M (EOS Oct 2016) - Direct replacement ZT200
  • RW220/RW420 (EOS Dec 2020) – Direct replacement ZQ510/ZQ520
  • GK/GX Selected Configurations (EOS Oct 2021) – Direct replacement ZD420 and ZD620.
  • iMZ220 (EOS Dec 2021) – Direct replacement ZQ310
  • iMZ320 (EOS Dec 2021) – Direct replacement ZQ320

We would strongly advise you to upgrade from these printers as they are no longer supported and could cause serious interruptions to your production line should a problem occur.

The Zebra Printer Trade Up offer means you can get the very latest printing technology at great discounts. And there are good reasons to trade up today:

  • The way we use printers is changing. Older printers will start to struggle as data volumes increase and networks become overloaded.
  • Your current printers may be out of warranty. Even if they’re working well today, what if they fail tomorrow and you have to sacrifice time and money fixing them? Or worse, your printer may now be end of service and spare parts may no longer be available.

Don’t delay. Trade up today.

Today’s business challenges demand smarter technology. And with Zebra thermal printers, you get a whole family of smarter technologies designed with one purpose: to help you perform at your best.