Automatic Label Applicators

Herma Laser Activated Label Print

The Herma applicator systems work using Laser Activated label Material, which operates using laser sensitive material embedded into the label at time of manufacture.

No material is burnt away while coding, "so there is no dust and no need for extraction".

Main benefits:

  • Consumable cost removed. (No thermal ribbons, no printhead changes).
  • Highly robust print.
  • Reduced machine maintenance.

What are the advantages of laser activated labels?

Laser activated labels are very robust with non contact marking and a colour change from white to black. With increased process and system reliability, the labels are easy to handle and have high contrast and high contour sharpness. 
The system uses less consumables and is a more economic solution compared to thermal transfer printing. It is also a much more environmentally friendly solution with no pollution. The labels can be used with any of the HERMA labelling machines with high flexibility when choosing the length and width of markings. 
In addition to consumables, further savings can be made as follows
* Reduced changeover times and costs with thermal transfer ribbons and strips.
* Fewer downtimes.
* Higher conveyor speeds with higher output volumes.

* No costs arising from waste TT ribbons.

Areas of application:
* Package labelling.
* Shipping labels.
* Marking batch and lot designations.
* Marking of foodstuff packaging.
* Barcode labelling of products.
* Publishing industry applications.
* Applications as product presentation labels must be examined in isolated cases.


Laser Activated Technology in action


The Procter & Gamble plant decided to adopt a new approach with HERMA's laser-activated labels together with their labelling system. The solution uses fewer consumables than thermal transfer printers, increases process reliability, and significantly reduces the maintenance downtime. The percentage cost savings alone achieved by the HERMA solution are in double figures.


Laser Activated Technology - Proctor & Gamble
Laser Activated Technology - Proctor & Gamble
The HERMA system is integrated in a new line and forms a shipping unit by grouping batches of six packaged electric toothbrushes in a single outer case.
The benefits:
  • The laser system - unlike thermal transfer printers, for example - does not require any consumables or readjustment, and operates without wear.
  • Reduced machine maintenance.

Oral-B Braun has found a thoroughly satisfactory solution and is already thinking about adopting it for more of its lines.


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