Automatic Label Applicators

Automatic Label Applicators

Covid-19 Labelling - We have a number of labelling systems suitable for the labelling of products to fight the Covid-19 pandemic - hand sanitisers, disinfectants, testing kits etc. See our dedicated Covid 19 Labelling page for more information.

AIS Ltd have been implementing automatic label applicators and labelling machines for over two decades. Our engineering team has accumulated decades of combined experience in the field of automatic labelling machines, data collection and label printing.

We offer a versatile range of label applicators from leading global manufacturers Herma and ALTech for fast and solid labelling of a vast range of packaging. Our printer applicators apply labels to all types of products and packages.

We provide a turnkey solution for even the most complex labelling requirement and our list of satisfied customers is a testament to this. From the moment you contact us, our team will be on hand to give you professional advice on the label applicator you require. We will design, install and support your labelling system to the highest industry standards.

Read our useful blog Things to know when buying a label applicator and check out our range of labelling projects in our Case Studies section.

Label Applicator Range

Covid 19 Labelling

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Manufacturing Labelling

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Print & Apply Labelling

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Semi-Automatic Labelling

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Box & Pouch Labelling

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Cylindrical & Elliptical Labelling

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Flash Label Applicators

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Label Dispenser

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Product Handling

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Automatic Labelling Software

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Herma Laser Activated Label Print

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