It is a proven fact that a preventative maintenance schedule can reduce the downtime on production lines by 50%, compared with reactive maintenance procedures.

At AIS we take customer service and support very seriously. Our fully trained and equipped on-site Service Engineers are on the road Monday to Friday dealing with any issues that may arise. We fully understand the pressures Production and IT Managers face on a daily basis, and we have made every effort to make our service as quick, efficient and customer-friendly as possible. To help with this, we offer a complete range of Preventative Maintenance and Support Agreements to help minimise breakdowns and downtime.

Our Service Department specialises in tailoring a maintenance schedule which best suits your needs. Unlike other companies, we at AIS commit to servicing the equipment that we sell: Zebra Printers, Herma and ALTech Applicators, and Datalogic Scanners.

Our Expertise

We are experts in what we do, so whether your label printers, applicators or scanners are brand new or have a few miles on the clock, they can be fully serviced by our ZASP (Zebra Accredited Service Provider) Certified service engineers. ZASP Certification is the benchmark for providing the highest level of support on the entire range of Zebra printers. We are Datalogic’s only ‘Elite Quality Partner’ in Ireland and our team are fully trained on all Datalogic equipment. Additionally, we are the Irish support centre for ALTech equipment and we are the European support centre for the LVS® 7500. Don't forget to check out our extensive range of Support Videos

We stock a complete range of spares and have procedures in place to make sure that no one is left waiting for that elusive and vital spare part. For additional peace of mind, we can also offer extended warranties on all printers, applicators and scanners we supply.

Our policy of distributing for single manufacturers serves our customers well, as we can hold a vast quantity of spare parts and have our Engineers routinely trained by our partners. The result is that we can solve problems quickly and have the parts on hand to restore your machines to full working condition after a breakdown.