Machine Vision Systems

Document Verification Systems

Our extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry makes us appreciate the importance of Quality Control. This has made us strive to discover, identify and offer, the most advanced inspection systems that can guarantee precise testing, according to stringent industry standards.

To that end, we collaborate with the worldwide leader, Complete Inspection Systems Inc., in providing automated inspection systems, digital proofreading and anti-counterfeiting solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We offer a full range of product solutions from in-line/online verification solutions, barcode validation, testing of printed label content as well as text and image comparison, in order to guarantee accuracy in pharmaceutical leaflet printing.

We offer a turnkey service which includes installation, extensive training and ongoing support contracts to ensure the customer is confident that their labels, leaflets and packaging are of the highest quality.

Have a look at our Barcode Verification and Labelling section for more pharmaceutical solutions.

If you are responsible for Quality Control in your organisation please give us a call to discuss how we can be of assistance. If you have a sample code, label or leaflet you would like to have analysed or you would like a demonstration, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email