Barcode Verification & Validation

Barcode Verification & Validation

Barcode Verification using barcode verifiers is a complex and highly technical field. There are numerous ISO (and other) standards governing barcode print quality, symbologies and structures. There are also many different industry standards such as GS1 and regional requirements such as French CIP. The complex nature of the subject and the many different bodies involved can be very confusing and may lead to incorrectly labelled product being shipped, causing product returns, fines or customer complaints.

Read our useful blog to learn more How Barcode Verification Works and Barcode Verifier: What Is It and How Does it Benefit My Business. If you're unsure if you need a barcode verifier our Organisations that Benefit From Barcode Verification post will help.

Barcode Verifier

AIS engineers have spent many years working with barcode verifiers and barcode verification standards and our expertise in this area is second to none. We also work with the worlds leading manufacturer of barcode verification  equipment, Omron Microscan. The LVS barcode verification systems are fully ISO compliant and the LVS 95xx products are the only 1D and 2D verifiers in the world to be GS1 Certified.

Together with LVS verification systems and our highly trained team of engineers you and your barcodes are in safe hands. 

Why Verify Your Codes?

With barcoded product often making its way through mutiple scanning points along the supply chain, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise between suppliers and customers over the quality of printed barcodes. Many companies will impose fines to suppliers who supply them with product that is labelled with poorly printed or unreadable barcodes.


  • ISO 15415 
  • ISO 15416
  • ISO 15426-1
  • ISO 15426-2
  • ISO 16022
  • MIL STD.130
  • ITS 199-002 (7-02)
  • UDI Guidelines
  • GS-1 General Specifications

If you are responsible for barcode quality and structure in your organisation please give us a call to discuss how we can be of assistance. If you have a sample code you would like to have analysed or you would like a demonstration of our verification equipment please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us at

GS1 Ireland

We are proud to be a GS1 Ireland solution provider. For over 30 years GS1 Ireland has supported Irish businesses in the implementation of standards-based supply chain solutions to achieve supply chain efficiency, cost savings and to meet both regulatory and trading partner requirements. This affords us an increased understanding and knowledge of the GS1 system, benefitting our many customers working with this standard. If you have any queries around the particular use of this standard for the unique identification of products and locations though barcodes or radio frequency Identification (RFID), please be sure to contact us.

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