Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Applications

We have a vast amount of experience in providing Machine Vision applications, both bespoke and off the shelf solutions, to our customers in a number of industries including pharmaceutical, medical devices and food & beverage. Some of our solutions are listed below. If you have a Machine Vision project/requirement, please contact us today to speak to one of our expert Engineers. 

Expiry Date Code Inspection/Lot Number Inspection

Utilising the latest in smart camera technology from Datalogic we offer an extremely cost effective, compact and robust solution which verifies that all products contain the correct information by inspecting every date and batch code. 

Bottle Cap Inspection

Bottle cap inspection is done using machine vision technology by taking an image of the bottle during production with a smart camera. Those bottles with incorrect capping will be automatically rejected from the line. 

Bottle Filling Control/Capping and Label Inspection

To meet supplier demands, manufacturers of bottled products must fill, cap, and seal products rapidly using high-speed systems. Each of these products then must be checked to determine whether the bottle has been filled to an acceptable level and whether it is correctly labelled.

Product Inspection

Our machine vision solutions capture images of objects for the purpose of making a quality control decision. When the image is captured and stored in memory, it is algorithmically compared to a predefined image or quality standard in an effort to detect defects or anomalies. 

Gauging and high precision measuring.

AIS Machine Vision solutions provide high precision solutions that can be adapted to various applications across various industries. Our innovative technology allows customers to improve the quality of their end products, hence increasing production and profit. 

Lot and Expiry on base of Aluminium Can

Automatically inspect the lot number and expiry date on base of aluminium can. Save time and money by automating this process which will automatically reject those products where information is missing, not readable or incorrect. 

Barcode Inspection & Identification

Verify Barcode presence, data and perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on text fields in one pass. IMPACT+ OCR is the new Datalogic innovative solution for robust and effective OCR (e.g. expiration date, lot number) and barcode inspection for the Food & Beverage/Pharmaceutical industry.

Food Industry – Product/Manufacturing Inspection

AIS Machine Vision solutions are widely used in the food & drink industry for product/manufacturing inspection. Equipped with Datalogic hardware and software, coupled with our in-house expertise, we can design solutions to inspect any components before, during and post production. 

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Applications

We have vast experience in providing machine vision solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for print control, capping and filling, precision measurements and colour detection. 

Automotive Industry

The Datalogic smart camera range provides the perfect balance of size, functionality, and pricing to easily support a multitude of tasks, including the verification of objects within an assembly line.