FMD Barcode Scanner Setup Instructions

The IPU has sent you a barcode scanner to help you prepare for the introduction of the FMD Legislation in February 2019. 

If you require another scanner or if you need to replace a scanner please email or phone us directly on 01 6205742.

When you are ready, plug in your barcode scanner using the USB connection, to your PC and follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Scan this code        





Scanner beeps 4 times



Step 2 - Scan this code    







Scanner beeps twice.


Final Step - Scan this code





Scanner beeps 4 times. Delay - Scanner will beep 4 times again


Congratulations, your barcode scanner is now set-up and ready to use. Should you have any issues please email 

Restore Default Settings

If you’ve lost track of what code was scanned or your scanner isn’t working as it was, please scan the below code to restore your scanner to default settings.





Inverse codes

What is an Inverse Code and why it’s needed*?

*This step is required for the day-to-day use of hand scanners in the Pharmacy environment

The barcode we’re all familiar with is black bars or black squares on a white background. These are the codes that you’ll see below. The scanner is set up by default to read these codes.

If, however, you require to read a code with white bars or white squares on a black background then your scanner is required to be set up in a certain way.

Scanning the codes above will enable the scanner to read both types of codes mentioned above.  Please scan the codes above in the order in which they appear when the scanner is connected to your PC. Once scanned you can use the scanner as normal, it will work just like all regular scanners.