Barcode Verification & Validation

Barcode Validation

We at AIS have nearly 2 decades experience in engineering solutions for verification and validation of data. 


The newly launched VB-6 Smart/Industrial Interface unit is an all-in-one device with multiple input and output options. This unit can be custom programmed and due to its small size can easily slot into work stations where space is an issue. 

The device includes off-the-shelf programs such as ScanCheck, which checks scanned barcode data against “primed” data and triggers the appropriate relays. 

It is can be used in any number of applications such as:

•    Verifying barcode presence and data in production (requires fixed barcode reader).

•    Confirming (barcoded) product contents at manual packing station.

•    Verifying barcode and OCR data in production (requires camera).

•    Scanning barcode data, modifying/manipulating data and re-printing (label printer/laser/ink jet etc.).

•    Receiving data from RFID controller and presenting on screen or storing on a server.

•    Receiving data from a PLC or PC and displaying on screen for operator.

These are only some of the applications available with the VB-6. Please view product details below for more information. 


The AIS VB-5 is a low cost, industrial quality, off-the-shelf solution to in-line barcode validation and verification (with fixed mount scanner). The VB-5 is a dedicated device, designed to ‘plug and play’ on your production line or printing system, removing the need for high cost custom PC or PLC solutions that perform the same task.

Please view the product details below for more information or contact us today if you have an immediate requirement.