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Top 10 Barcode Scanner Tips For Best Results

By aisltd, Monday, 14th September 2020 | 0 comments

In this post our AIS experts discuss the best way to scan barcodes so that you get the best results every time.

Our blog section already contains posts on the different types of barcodes and how to choose the right barcode scanner for your business needs. The tips below will help you to scan your barcodes better.

Distance is important: Barcode scanners have an optimal focal distance for obtaining the best results. This means that you shouldn’t try to scan barcodes up too close or too far away.

Scan the right one: If you have an item with a number of different barcodes on it, you need to make sure you scan the right one. This is especially true with 2D barcode scanners and you have to make sure you are aiming at the right one otherwise you could be picking up the wrong barcode.

Switch off barcode types: With the majority of barcode scanners you have the ability to enable or disable the different types of barcode symbologies the barcode scanner will look for. If you are only using one specific type of barcode, it is advisable that you switch off the rest of them. This will improve the speed of your barcode scanner and help avoid scanning the wrong barcode if the product has a number of them attached as explained in tip 2.

Print out the barcode contents: If you are printing 1D barcodes a good tip is to print out the contents of the barcode and place this underneath. If the barcode gets damaged or your barcode scanner can’t read it, the printout underneath allows you to input the barcode manually.

Use the right barcode labels: There are hundreds of different types of barcode label media that you can choose from and it is important that you choose the right one for your barcode scanner. This will save you time and money and in some cases help to avoid frustration too.

Use a proper barcode printer: It is recommend that when printing barcodes that you use a proper thermal barcode printer. Laser printers can suffice, but they won’t produce barcode labels that are crisp or the most efficient when it comes to scanning and can lead to a lot of errors. You might not notice this straight away, but over time the amount of unreadable barcodes can add up.

Use number barcodes: This simple tip works really well. By only using numbers in your barcodes it means that should a barcode scanner not be able to read them, the user can input them manually using a numeric keypad.

Use the right barcode scanner: If you need to scan barcodes from a distance you can’t just enlarge the barcodes and hope that works. You need to use a long range barcode scanner that focuses on longer optical length as well as the loss of light and signal over the distance required to read the barcodes. Our barcode scanners page offers all the information you need on the different types of barcode scanners.

Configure your barcode scanner correctly: All barcode scanners come with a number of configurable options and it is important that you understand how each of these works and how they can help you to get the most out of your barcode scanner. Configuring your barcode scanner correctly can save a lot of time.

Understand light: Barcode scanners use light to help them work so it is always useful to pay attention to the environment in which you will be using your device. If it’s too bright or too dark, your barcode scanner won’t work properly and you may not be able to read barcodes. Certain lighting can play havoc with the efficiency of your barcode scanning so this is something to look at if you are having trouble.

We hope these 10 tips on barcode scanning have helped and if you need any help or advice when it comes to choose the right type of barcode scanner for your business needs, our experts are always on hand to help.


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