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The new P2x Series Smart Camera from Datalogic

By aisltd, Tuesday, 4th May 2021 | 0 comments
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Datalogic is pleased to announce the new P2x-Series: an industrial smart camera providing exceptional inspection performance and flexibility in a fully embedded compact housing

Powered by over 100 inspection tools within the IMPACT Machine Vision Software Suite, P2x-Series can tackle even the most demanding application requirements. Lenses, filters and illuminators are field replaceable and compatible with all models thus allowing hundreds of different combinations for countless applications.

Available in two different resolutions (qHD/WVGA and 2MP) in either monochrome or color, P2x-Series features one of the most sophisticated modular optical designs on the market, delivering cutting-edge image acquisition capability.

Illuminator LEDs embed TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lenses to convey the entire lighting power onto the camera Field-of-View. High-quality lenses with low distortion ensure consistently high inspection results. Optional filters optimize the acquired image according to the specific application requirements.

P2x-Series Smart Cameras are equipped with a 360° highly visible multi-color feedback. The color of the frame is software configurable and provides intuitive visual feedback to workers even at great distances with no need of additional HMI panels nearby.

P2x-Series Smart Cameras come with IMPACT software suite pre-loaded and provide access to the entire suite of Datalogic algorithms. Two add-on licenses enable further advanced functionalities: ENHANCED to enjoy the power of the Advanced OCR tool and the location accuracy of the Pattern Find tool, PROFESSIONAL (PRO) to unleash the unique Pattern Sorting Tool capabilities.

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