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Programmable Data Terminal for manufacturing cell

By aisltd, Monday, 24th October 2016 | 0 comments
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Our customer, a global medical device company required an innovative solution for their (space constrained) manual manufacturing cells.

The solution had to receive data from a 2d barcode reader, verify this data against a pre-defined list, display the data on its colour screen, trigger an internal relay to release a carton, then output modified data to an ink-jet printer, which is used to mark the products packaging with a unique barcode.  The solution also required password protection and certain levels of access, which is achieved via the Colour/Touch screen.

AIS proposed the VB-6 with a custom program to specifically meet the customer’s needs.  After exhaustive (pre-order) testing the customer selected AIS and the VB-6 as the solution of choice.

VB-6 units are now deployed in over 20 cells across 2 sites. The VB-6 connects (via USB) directly to a 2D presentation barcode scanner. The operator presents each component to the presentation scanner, which outputs the data directly into the VB-6. This data is displayed on the VB-6 Colour screen and is then verified against a list of codes stored on the VB-6.  If the code is verified, a message is displayed on the VB-6 screen and the operator is prompted to press the “print carton code” (soft) button on the screen.  The operator places the completed assembly, in its product carton, under the Ink-Jet printer and another unique code is printed on the Carton.

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