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Customised vision system to check lot and expiry

By aisltd, Monday, 6th November 2017 | 0 comments
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We recently installed a vision system to check lot and expiry for a leading global medical device company which provides a broad portfolio of essential hospital products worldwide.

They required an updated vision system for one of their lines with a production speed of up to 120 pieces/min and as a long standing customer, contacted AIS for a solution.  

The installed solution included 3 Datalogic cameras which were linked to a Datalogic processor and software (customised by AIS to the client’s specifications).

Two of the cameras are installed under the conveyor with a backlight and are able to capture images through a transparent window as the product passes above.

The other camera is installed over the line and together with a dome light captures images as the product passes below.

This new system eradicates any risk of errors including mixing up of batch numbers etc. If an issue is detected the product is passed to the reject station.

If you have a similar requirement, please do not hesitate to contact to speak to one of our Machine Vision Engineers. You can view more information about our machine vision solutions here