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6 Top Tips on Using a Barcode Scanner More Efficiently

By aisltd, Monday, 4th January 2021 | 0 comments

When it comes to efficiency in business one of the most fundamental tools you can use to streamline your processes is a barcode scanner.

A lot of time sensitive procedures can be streamlined, automated, and simplified by using a barcode scanner. On top of this, barcode scanners in business have been proven to save time and money. In today’s post, our AIS experts are outlining 6 top tips on how you can use a barcode scanner more efficiently.

Improve Business Efficiency with a Barcode Scanner

The following tips will help you to use your barcode scanner for maximum efficiency so you save money and time that can be devoted to other elements of your business. A barcode scanner is an electronic device that reads barcodes. It translates the printed codes into data that can be read by your computer and the data can be used in multiple ways. Learning to get the most out of your barcode scanner will help to improve efficiency and making this happen begins with where your barcode scanner is placed as well as the type of barcode scanner you have.

Below are the 6 AIS barcode scanner tips.

  1. Installation: If you are purchasing a barcode scanner, choosing where it is installed is important. There is a correct location and this will depend on your business needs. There are different types of barcode scanners including pen-type wand scanners, camera based readers, etc. and it is important that you use the relevant barcode scanner for the type of barcodes you have in your inventory. If you’re not sure what type of barcode scanner will work for your business, our AIS experts can help you choose the right option. The connectivity of your chosen device is important and again our experts can help with this too.
  2. Is there a stand?: Some barcode scanners have stands whilst other barcode scanner types are handheld. If you are looking to buy a new barcode scanner for your business hands free scanners are ideal for quicker processing.
  3. Where Will Your Barcode Scanner Be Positioned?: You should place your barcode scanner where it is easy to access and not hindered by obstructions. When scanning items, you need to make sure that you are in the correct position. Most barcode scanners are used horizontally so if you need to scan vertical barcode it can slow down the process when you have to manually do things. We recommend a barcode scanner with configuration options for the most efficiency.
  4. Integrate your barcode scanner with your inventory system: One of the great benefits of modern barcode scanners is that they can be used for real-time inventory management once they are integrated with your inventory system. This is a great way to save time and will greatly improve efficiency.
  5. Get the proper training: The majority of manufacturers and suppliers will offer training on how to use and get the most out of the barcode scanner you purchase. This includes how to use it properly and the training is usually offered at a very reasonable price. It saves time and problems cropping up too.
  6. Have a good understanding of the barcodes you use: Knowing and understanding the types of barcodes that you use in your inventory before you buy a new barcode scanner will help you choose the right model and get the best results. There are different types of scanners and different models available for the different types of barcodes. If you’re not sure, our AIS experts can advise you and help you select the best barcode scanner for your business.



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