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Five Things About Machine Vision

By aisltd, Friday, 23rd October 2020 | 0 comments
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In today’s post, our AIS experts are going to discuss the top five things you might not know about machine vision.

Machine vision is where a computer gains the ability to look at images and correctly interpret what is in them. It also allows computers to look at live or recorded images. It can also be used in industries to free up robot technology so that it can do more than just repetitive jobs. 

5 Things You Might Not Know About Machine Vision

  1. Machine vision is a huge market that is estimated to be worth over 30 billion in 2021. In 2016 the global market for machine vision system components was worth 19 billion US dollars.
  2. In order to reap some of the benefits from machine vision systems, all that is required is one camera. If your business uses a robot to sort items this can be done by one camera placed in a fixed position so that it can view the products as they come out onto a conveyor belt. You can also use this same machine vision camera system to sort products into different types too.
  3. Machine vision systems can be used for quality control. Robots can be programmed to learn how to tell the difference between different shapes and shadows or look for defects based on how an object is supposed to look. With machine vision systems, the process of using images to evaluate products can be done a lot quicker, up to multiple items per second with some systems.
  4. Machine vision systems are benefitting from a type of AI known as neural networks which help to increase the capability of machine vision. Neural networks can be used to help segment images as well as classify the images and detect objects better and much more quickly.
  5. With machine vision systems robots can be used to determine the position of objects using what is called stereo vision. In other machine vision systems, sensors can scan objects to make 3D models for a number of different purposes. 

These are just five things that you might not have known about machine vision systems, but there is so much more. Machine vision systems can automate a number of different processes and can be used in all industries as well. When it comes to industrial automation machine vision really is leading the way. It uses cameras and sensors along with computing power to understand images and allow robots or other industrial tools to complete tasks such as manufacturing and quality verification.

Machine vision in principle consists of three steps:

  • The first of these is to capture the image.
  • The second is to process it.
  • And the third is to perform the action required.

Machine vision is now considered to be a key component in industries and it helps automation systems in a number of ways including increasing efficiency, improving inventory, and detecting faulty products. Machine vision systems can help to improve your manufacturing quality too.

If you would like to know any more about machine vision systems and how they can be incorporated into your business, why not get in touch with one of our AIS experts today.



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