About Us

The Team

Simon Smyth

Managing Director

Noel McKearney

Operations Director

Anthony O'Donoghue

Technical Director

Nicolas Eliades


Iwona Janowicz

Sales Support

Paula O'Sullivan


Gary McAndrew

Project Co-Ordinator

Artur Dacyk

Project Engineer

Alan Hayes

Project Engineer

Ian Culleton

Project Engineer

Ann Marie Downes

Office Administration/Purchasing

Mary Nea

Office Administration

Margaret Walsh


Hugo Stevens

Manager, AIS, The Netherlands

Nelly Nabbe-Weerts

Labelling Specialist, AIS, The Netherlands

Sylvia Kuppers

Technical Sales, AIS, The Netherlands

Jose Racionero

Managing Director, AIS Vision, Spain

Almudena Úbeda

Administration, AIS Vision, Spain

Xavi Anguera 

Software Development, AIS Vision, Spain

Alberto Melguizo 

Project Manager, AIS Vision, Spain

Xavi Picas

Electronic Engineer, AIS Vision, Spain

Jaume Puigoriol

Electronic Engineer, AIS Vision, Spain