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7 Reasons to Choose a Thermal Barcode Zebra Printer

By aisltd, Monday, 6th April 2020 | 0 comments
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There are a number of reasons to choose a direct thermal or thermal transfer barcode Zebra printer and in this post, our AIS experts list the 7 reasons when these Zebra printer models are the best compared with alternative laser or dot matrix printers.

7 Ways in Which Zebra Printers Are Best

  • Point of Application System

The thermal Zebra printer can increase productivity for point of application systems because it prints labels on demand and where needed. Thermal Zebra printers are smaller and more durable than laser printers. They are also cheaper and the perfect solution for distributed printing and point of application printing.

  • Variable Data

Thermal Zebra printers are perfect when you need individual or batches of labels that have different data fields and change frequently. In these instances thermal Zebra printers are efficient, offer flexible label printing when required, and there is virtually no waste. You only print what you need when you need it and making changes is fast and easy.

  • Different Label Sizes

Zebra printers are great when you need to print labels with varying widths and lengths. Theses printer models can easily adapt and if you have a Zebra printer with wide print widths you can use labels of assorted sizes at once. You can’t do this with a laser printer.

  • Printing Graphics and Different Font Sizes

Thermal Zebra printers can print graphic images including logos. They also have the ability to print scalable fonts so you can adjust the font size. Other printers don’t have this much flexibility and may be limited to specific font sizes.

  • Barcodes with High Definition

Thermal barcode Zebra printers can be used to print high definition barcodes. These include complex 2D barcodes. They offer the highest first time scan rates when compared with other printers and this in turn reduces errors whilst increasing productivity in your business.

  • Compact and Quiet

Zebra thermal printers are quiet and compact. They come in various models including table top, desktop and mobile. The table top models are the biggest and can hold a full 8 inch roll or media. Mobile Zebra printers are the smallest. Overall, Zebra printers have a smaller footprint than laser printers making them the best choice when it comes to space.

  • Lower Operating Costs

The final reason for choosing thermal Zebra printers is that they have a lower operating cost. While they are reported to be a higher cost initially, the maintenance costs are must lower compared to other printing technologies. This results in lower long term operating costs.

If you require any help in choosing the best Zebra printer for your business needs, our AIS experts are always on hand to answer any questions you might have and steer you in the right direction. Get in touch today and see how we can help with your label printing needs. We stock a range of Zebra printer models including mobile and desktop devices and our experts can advise you on which of these models is most suited to your working environment.



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