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What Is A Machine Vision System?

By aisltd, Monday, 7th August 2017 | 0 comments
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As a business, there are many issues and problems that you will face, and problems have consequences. For example, if a manufactured item proves faulty, customers complain and as well as having to refund people, business reputations takes a hit too.

Controlling Quality

As a result, businesses have systems and processes in place that control the quality of the products they make. Quality control is spread across the entire area of manufacture, from the raw materials right through to the end product and packaging.

Monitoring every aspect is tough but there are many people involved in the chain. But human error happens and cannot be eradicated completely. Until now, that is.

A machine vision system is an extra pair of eyes, albeit digital ones, that measure, map and monitor the progress of products etc. as they are made.

Watching the Production Line

Using high-specification digital cameras, the latest software programs and high-end cabling, the machine vision system can see what is happening.

But in the software program that drives it, the business will have programmed or asked it to look out for certain things. When it spots these things, the system either alerts operators or makes changes to the production system to prevent the problem reoccurring.

Enhancing the Production Process

A machine vision system enhances the production process. It is an investment in a business that yields results, not only streamlining the production process but making it more efficient alongside the people, engineers and assembly line workers.

It is a sophisticated and intelligent system, the likes of which are now being applied to domestic systems too, such as intuitive cleaning machines and the like. But for industry, it is a technology that is saving both money and reputations too.

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