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Understanding Machine Vision Systems

By aisltd, Tuesday, 12th December 2017 | 0 comments
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It is becoming a key technology that companies from across all sectors and industries are investing in. Machine vision within manufacturing and quality control is proving to be a vital tool.

What Is Machine Vision?

It is a process that utilises industrial image processing to monitor production lines. Cameras are mounted at key points in the production cycle but it does more than takes pictures. It inspects the products in real time without the intervention of an operator.

Also known as vision inspection systems or industrial vision, it is a computer visioning system within an industrial manufacturing process and can inspect for faults and issues too, such as measuring the size of a product or identifying if the printed code is correct and so on.

It streamlines the quality control process of a manufacturing cycle and those businesses that currently utilise the process, not only see improvements in overheads but improvements in product quality too. With both the eyes of operators and machine vision on the case, there is less time, money and resources wasted on producing sub-standard goods.

It is a favoured system too because it is a high-speed system, and one that has a high magnification and capable of operating for 24 hours, repeating measurements or checks, time and time again.

There are many machine vision components that come together to create a high-spec machine vision system;

·       Cameras – one or more digital cameras can focus on desired fields and can work with specialised light sources too

·       Sensors – a sensor synchronises with the camera to inform it that there is something not in line or quite right. The camera then measures along predetermined lines and feeds back in real time.

·       Computer program – all these hardware components connect and communicate with a computer program that allows a business to remote monitor quality control at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Who Uses Machine Vision Systems And For What?

It may sound a complex system but it is a technology upon which increasing numbers of manufacturers and businesses are relying on. It is a technology that can be applied across a range of industries including;

·       Automotive industry

·       Electronics

·       General machine engineering

·       Food processing

·       Solar production

·       And process engineering

This is by no means an exhaustive list. And how it is used is important too;

·       Final inspection processes in certain parts of assembly and production

·       Parts inspection

·       Checking medical devices for defects

·       Verifying codes and strings

·       Tracking manufactured products

·       Checking laser marks and cuts

·       Food packaging checks

·       Verifying engineered goods

·       Packaging inspection

The Future Is Here

For any business, there is a need for stringent quality control. Fewer errors mean less waste and for any business that can only be a good thing.

But to get the return on the investment that your business needs, you need the right system with the best components and a system that excels in ‘catching’ the quality control issues that you want to eradicate from the manufacturing process.

And this means working with a company that has all the expertise in creating a bespoke machine vision system. Contact our expert team today should you wish to discuss your requirements.



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