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Top Tips for Choosing The Correct Label Printer Supplies

By aisltd, Monday, 24th May 2021 | 0 comments
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If you’ve ever purchased something only to find the price label stuck to it then this was because the wrong label was used. In today's post, we’ve included 7 questions to ask before you purchase your label printing supplies.

What is the label being attached to?

It is important to consider the material that your labels are being attached to. The kind of label you purchase will be determined by the material it has to stick to. A label that is great on cardboard may not be a good label for plastic or metal. It is important to make sure the label adhesive is appropriate for the material you are attaching your label to.

What size should the label be?

Label size is another important factor and the size is determined by the information you want to print on it. It should be easy to read and large enough for all the information. If it’s a barcode, it needs to be scanned easily. Your label can’t take up too much space either. Knowing the function of your label will make it easier to determine the size you need.

How long will the label last?

Once you know the size and the material the label is going to be affixed to, the next question is how long do you need the label to last for. If you are labelling food, you’ll need labels that are durable and meet specific requirements.

What will the label be exposed to?

It is important to consider the environment and temperature that your label will be exposed to. Over the label’s lifetime, it might be exposed to a range of temperatures and elements so you need the label to withstand these elements. If your labels are going on shipping containers or packages, weather elements such as rain, heat, and cold need to be considered.

Are you printing barcodes that need to be scanned?

If you are printing barcodes you will want mid to high-quality labels. Low quality labels can smudge or fade and become unreadable.

Do your labels need certification?

If you need any kind of certification on your labels you need to make sure you have the right label combination for your application. You have to make sure the print on your labels won’t wear off.

How will the label be printed?

Before you buy any label printer supplies it is important to determine how you will print it. Are you using a thermal, laser, or inkjet printer? The type of label printer you use will determine the amount of printing you do. Some printers are better suited for certain applications, environments, or levels of output.

If you have any questions or want any help in choosing your label printer supplies please do contact us. Our label experts are always on hand to help you find the ideal combination for your business applications. The supplies section on our website includes information on ribbons, labels, full colour label printing, and printheads.



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