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Machine Vision Explanation and Benefits

By aisltd, Tuesday, 17th April 2018 | 0 comments

It's hard to pinpoint one single definition for Machine Vision but any good definition will point out that it includes the methods and technology utilised in extracting information from an image, rather than the simple processing of an image.

The technology behind machine vision has completely revolutionised the manufacturing process and impacted on a wide range of industries.

Machine Vision incorporates various technologies, drawing on elements from chemistry, physics, optics, mechanics, maths, artificial intelligence, computer software and hardware, amongst others.

From the mid 1980s onwards Machine Vision began to develop and is now used to integrate and adapt existing technologies so that they can solve problems relating to industrial automation and other areas.

Resolution and Sensitivity in Machine Vision

Two important aspects of Machine Vision systems are resolution and sensitivity. Resolution refers to how well a machine can detect different items, while sensitivity refers to how well a machine can see in low light. While human eyes can detect electromagnetic wavelengths between 390 and 770 nonometers, cameras can have a much wider range than this and some can even detect ultraviolet or infrared rays.

Humans can inspect objects in a production line to assess their quality. Machine Vision Systems can perform the same tasks using lights and cameras. Where humans are involved in the inspection process there is always a margin of error. Machine Vision Systems can assess objects with greater accuracy, ensuring that no substandard items slip through the inspection phase of manufacturing. When an image is captured it is stored and algorithmically compared to a predetermined image in order to detect anomalies or defects producing 100% quality control. This leads to reduced costs and guarantees customer satisfaction.

The benefits of Machine Vision systems

  • They can be assigned specific tasks
  • They are valued for high speed, high magnification inspections.
  • They can work around the clock  
  • They can work in areas that are hazardous or unsafe for people
  • Inspection of small objects such as computer chips can be carried out with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Can automate the tracking of parts by reading 1D or 2D barcodes

AIS Machine Vision Systems and More

At AIS we are experts in all aspects of Machine Vision from design and installation to validation and maintenance in Ireland and overseas. Our machine vision solutions are created using the highest quality Datalogic machine vision technology. These range from simple vision sensors to smart cameras and embedded vision systems. Our range can be used in a number of different applications.
Whatever your business, if you are looking for a way in which to make it run more smoothly get in touch and our staff will be happy to advise you on Machine Vision Technology or any of the following areas:

  • barcode readers and barcode scanners
  • barcode printers and label printers
  • barcode verifiers and barcode verification
  • label printing software
  • label printer consumables

Our qualified staff are always on hand to help. Why not get in touch via our Chat Now online service?


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