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Optimise Your Production With An Automatic Labelling Machine

By aisltd, Thursday, 30th June 2022 | 0 comments
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Buying a labelling machine is a big investment and when you choose to do so, it is important that you do your research as purchasing the right model will lead to increased efficiency, consistency, and save you time and money.

In this article, our AIS experts share 5 ways an automatic labelling machine can benefit your business.

5 Benefits of Using an Automatic Label Applicator

  1. Increased Efficiency and Lower Production Cost: When you use a labelling machine it increases efficiency in your business. The automatic labelling saves time and money and help increase the output of your process. For example, if your labelling machine labels 100 products a minute this is 6,000 products per hour. If you calculate the cost of manually applying all these labels (the man hours), it is a huge difference. You can design your labelling machine to the specific dimensions of your products whether these are round, glass bottles, or flat surfaces. Custom labelling machines are an excellent way to optimise the efficiency of your business.
  2. Optimise Order Fulfilment: Increased efficiency means you can do more and by using a labelling machine your product will significantly improve which also increases your capacity to process even more sales. Some businesses can double, triple, or even quadruple their production rates by using labelling machines. You will be able to quote for larger quantities of your products and accept and fulfil more orders.
  3. Labelling Machines Increase Quality Control and Deliver Consistency: Automatic labelling machines can often eliminate a lot of rework costs and manual application errors. Humans make mistakes and sometimes errors slip through the cracks. If an error isn’t detected, you could end up with hundreds of products that need to be re-labelled or even binned. Automatic labelling machines can include scanners to mitigate these problems and these scanners include warning systems to detect and remove products that have been labelling incorrectly. The production process will be stopped automatically until the error is addressed.
  4. User Friendly Design Makes It Easy To Use: Labelling machines are well designed and easy to use which also help to optimise their usage. They save time and money by increasing efficiency and the easy to use design means you’ll have less downtime and fewer training issues. Having a user friendly labelling machine also means more people will be willing to use it to its full capacity.
  5. Label Machines Capture Data: Labelling machines can capture data that will provide an insight into your business. You can use this data to help cut costs and discover new ways to increase your productivity.

When choosing a label applicator, it is important to remember that most labelling machines are not an out of the box solution and they will need to be configured to work in the best way for your business. If you need any help choosing the right labelling machine for your business, our AIS experts are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.


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