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Mobile Barcode Scanner Types Explained

By aisltd, Wednesday, 9th October 2019 | 0 comments
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The mobile barcode scanner is becoming more and more prominent in today’s business world and there is a movement happening within the industry to update the outdated windows CE models to the latest versions to make barcode scanning within warehouse operations a lot more functional and accurate and less time consuming.

In this article, we are going to look at the different types of mobile barcode scanners and provide some information on each so it is easier for you to decide which model will suit your needs.

Mobile Barcode Scanners

The term mobile barcode scanner is often used to describe three different types of barcode scanners. Each of these is different and to help you figure out which type of mobile barcode scanner you require, we have them listed below.

Cordless/Wireless Barcode Scanner: This device is used to scan barcodes and then send them wirelessly to a base station that is connected to a computer. This type of mobile barcode scanner relies on a rechargeable power output for its wireless operation. This types of scanner can be an image and a laser scanner and one of the main things to think about when considering purchasing one is the running time of the battery with typical use. If you require your staff to be able to use the device but not have access to a charging point then the wireless barcode scanner will need to have a long battery life.

Batch Barcode Scanner: This type of mobile barcode scanner can store a limited number of scanner barcodes before they are transmitted to a computer wirelessly or by docking them into their base station. The base station is connected to a computer and the barcode scanner can be moved around without any wires. The difference between batch barcode scanners and wireless barcode scanners is in the transmission. The batch barcode scanner scan barcodes and stores the information inside it until it is put back on its docking station. This is an excellent model for shop inventory processes. If you require any further information about this type of mobile barcode scanner, be sure to call one of our experts who will be only too happy to help you choose the right device for your company’s needs.

Mobile Computer: These mobile barcode scanners are in fact a mobile handheld computer with a built in barcode scanner. They can sync the data they collect to a computer using a cable or they can send the information over a wireless network. They can also receive information via wi-fi or mobile operator. This type of mobile barcode scanner is perfect for advanced data capture and those who need to be fully mobile. They can perform batch operations as well as real time wireless data collection over wi-fi and mobile network. There are mobile barcode scanners available for every application and industry and they are available for all operating systems too including Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Android. This ensures the back end systems integrate seamlessly with the devices. These types of mobile barcode scanners come in a number of different form factors too such as gun grip, wearable, and some that are the size of a regular smartphone. They all maintain a high level of barcode scanning capabilities and they are robust as well. If you think this type of mobile barcode scanner is the one for you, be sure to get in touch with our experts today and ask for assistance in choose the right model for your needs. Our experts are always on hand to advise on mobile barcode scanners..

Get in touch with our barcode scanner experts today and find out which mobile barcode scanner is going to enhance and further your business.



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