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Machine Vision Explained: Your Guide To Getting The Best

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Machine vision is something that can help you solve complex industrial tasks in a reliable and consistent manner.

What is machine vision?

Machine vision encompasses all industrial and non-industrial applications where a combination of hardware and software are used to provide operational guidance to devices. This is done through the use of images that are captured and then processed.

Industrial machine vision uses many of the same algorithms and approaches that are used in educational and governmental applications but the constraints are different.

Industrial machine vision systems often require greater reliability and stability and typically cost much less than those used by the government. If you are considering machine vision, it will therefore be at a lower cost, have good accuracy, high reliability, and temperature stability for the workplace.

How Do Machine Vision Systems Work

Machine vision systems have digital sensors that are protected inside industrial cameras. These cameras have specialised optics that acquire the images and the computer hardware and software then processes and analyses them. They also make decisions based on the measurements of various characteristics.

Machine vision systems can also perform objective measurements such as providing location information that guides a robot to align parts during manufacturing.

Benefits of Machine Vision

Machine vision can improve the quality and productivity of a company whilst also reducing manufacturing costs. Machine vision excels at quantative measurement because of its speed, accuracy, and repeatability. On a production line, a machine vision system can inspect hundreds or thousands of parts every minute. It can also easily inspect details that are too small for the human eye. Machine vision can also prevent parts damage and eliminates maintenance time and costs on mechanical components. Additional safety and operational benefits can happen with machine vision systems too because they reduce the amount of human involvement in the manufacturing process, thus reducing work related accidents. Using a machine vision system in clean rooms prevents human contamination and protects workers from hazardous environments. Below are some of the main benefits of using Machine vision systems.

  • Higher Quality: this relates to inspection, measurement, and assembly verification.
  • Increased productivity: repetitive tasks that were manually carried out can be done by the machine vision system.
  • Less machine downtime and reduced set up time: Change overs can be programmed in in advance.
  • More complete information: manual tasks can now provide computer data feedback.
  • Inventory Control: with machine vision you have optical character recognition and identification.
  • Reduced floor space: The machine vision system takes up less space than manual operators.
  • Lower production costs: The machine vision system can detect flaws early in the process.

Should you require any further information on machine vision systems and having a system created for your business, our experts are always on hand to advise on the right system for your company needs. We have created and installed systems in a number of different fields and are happy to advise on what would benefit you based on your requirements. Contact our offices today for more information on how machine vision can help.



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