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Machine Vision Cameras – Revolutionising Electronics Inspections

By aisltd, Wednesday, 1st May 2019 | 0 comments
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Machine vision systems are amazing and they have the potential to transform your production system not only with increased throughput, but in quality and productivity too.

One of the most common applications for machine vision systems is in the area of automated inspection and it is also great for imaging automation. In today’s post, we are going to look at machine vision cameras and how well they work especially in the electronics industry.

The electronics industry is massive and the rise in machine vision technology and the introduction of machine vision cameras has made this industry soar. They have revolutionised the process of inspecting electronic components.

Machine Vision Cameras in the Electronics Industry

Parts in electronics have become smaller and smaller over time and this has led to cameras having to have better resolution and frame rate to capture images of smaller components and at higher speeds. This is where Machine Vision technology has been amazing. The cameras can capture even the tiniest of components and detect any abnormalities.

Machine vision systems today, are used for inspections in numerous different ways. They can be used for part selection, assembly verification, and final inspections and tracking. Nearly every component in electronics has to be inspected by a machine vision camera to ensure the quality of the product.

How Machine Vision is Better in Inspections

Inspecting electronic components is a demanding task and the use of machine vision systems has a number of advantages. We have listed the main advantages below but if you need more information, our Machine Vision Systems section of our website is packed full of useful information and guides to help educate you on what Machine Vision is, how it works, and how it can benefit your company. We also have information on customer case studies, datalogic machine vision technology, machine vision application, and more.

  • Machine vision technology helps to boost throughput in products resulting in quicker inspection times. High frame rate machine vision cameras with real-time processing capabilities reduce the inspection time, as do cameras with multiple regions of interest and larger view fields.
  • Machine vision cameras enhance the accuracy and reliability of inspections too. Today many machine vision systems use high resolution cameras that allow for accurate and reliable flaw detection no matter what size the components are.
  • These advantages also allow for greater productivity and profit margins for today’s electronics manufacturers.
  • Machine vision is a technology that is always evolving. It has revolutionized the electronics industry’s production process as well as proving successful in a number of other industries too. Using machine vision systems creates huge productivity gains when compared with other inspection methods and it is now the key component in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Here at AIS Ltd, we design, install, commission, validate, and maintain Machine Vision systems throughout Ireland and abroad. If you have a machine vision inspection project that we can help with, be sure to get in touch. Our experts are always on hand to discuss your vision inspection requirements.



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