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Laser and Inkjet Printer Label Printing Tips

By aisltd, Monday, 5th November 2018 | 0 comments
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If you want to get the most out of your label printing, our top tips for laser and inkjet printers will help. Below you will find general label printing tips, tips for inkjet printers, and laser printer tips.

General Label Printing Tips

  • Let you label sheets breathe and adjust to room temperatures before printing.
  • Keep your label sheets in their original packaging in a cool dry environment to avoid damage from humidity.
  • Place a heavy object on top of your labels to prevent the edges curling.
  • Keep your labels away from direct sunlight.
  • Always do a test print on normal printer paper before loading your labels. Put the printed sheet behind your label sheet and hold them up to the light to make sure the position is correct. This will help avoid wasting your label sheets.
  • Read your printer’s manual for information on loading and feeding labels so you don’t waste them.
  • Separate your labels before putting them in the printer tray as sometimes they can stick together.

Label Printing Tips for Inkjet Printers

  • Set your inkjet printer to plain paper and normal settings. You can set the DPI to 300 or 600.
  • If there is any smudging you can reduce your DPI.
  • Hold your label sheets by the edges to ensure that the natural oils from your hands don’t get on the label printing surface as this could lead to smudging or fingerprints on your labels.
  • Allow the ink to dry before handling, stacking, or peeling your printed labels.
  • Run your label sheets through your printer one at a time. The tight paper pass of inkjet printers can cause labels to curl and when this happens you can experience paper jams or the labels can peel off.

Label Printing Tips for Laser Printers

  • When setting up your laser printer for label printing you should choose “Labels” or “Transparency” in your printer settings. This will stop your toner from flaking or rubbing off. The settings can usually be found in the print options dialogue box or on the display screen of your laser printer. You will be changing the media type rather than changing the paper type.
  • Reduce the DPI resolution on your printer as this will give you a better-quality finish on your labels.
  • Print on each sheet once only. The heat that is produced in printing can cause the adhesive to soften and if you pass the sheets through more than once, the adhesive could leak onto the inner working of your printer and this can cause the labels to jam or even peel off if they are passed through the printer too many times.

Now that you have all our label printing tips for your laser or inkjet printers we hope that you don’t have any problems and produce quality labels that are perfect for your usage.

Should you require any further advice on label printers or label printing, contact our expert team and we’ll be happy to help.



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