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Labelling Machines: Advantages and Disadvantages for 3 Labelling Methods

By aisltd, Tuesday, 5th February 2019 | 0 comments
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In today’s post we are looking at labelling machines and in particular the advantages and disadvantages that come with three different labelling methods.

Labelling machines play an important role in the packaging industry and there are numerous machines available to buy that can help improve productivity and efficiency in your business. The three labelling methods we are looking at in this article are the rubbing method, blowing method, and the suction method. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages and we briefly discuss how the methods work too.

Labelling Machines Rubbing Method Advantages and Disadvantages

The rubbing method is where the label is pasted directly onto the product which makes this a fast method. The labelling accuracy will depend on the speed of your labelling machine and the label distribution. If you keep the speed of both of these the same, it will ensure greater accuracy. If both are different, you may find that the accuracy of your label machine will be affected. Be sure to check your settings to find out what works best for your product labelling.

Labelling Machines Suction Method Advantages and Disadvantages

With this method the label paper leaves the conveyor belt and is sucked onto the vacuum pad. The vacuum pad is connected to the end of a mechanical device and the mechanical device is then extended until the label comes in contact with the product. The device then shrinks back and the label is attached to your product. The advantage of using these types of labelling machines is that precision is excellent. This method is great when labelling difficult packaging products. The disadvantage is that this method of labelling can be slow and the labelling quality not as good as other methods. Whether you use this method or not will depend on the product you have to label.

Labelling Machines Blow Method Advantages and Disadvantages

The blowing method is similar to the suction method. The difference is that the surface of the vacuum pad stays stationary and the label is fixed and positioned on a vacuum grid. The vacuum grid is covered with hundreds of tiny holes. A stream of compressed air is blown from air jets into the holes. The high pressure of the jets causes the label on the vacuum grid to move and attach to the packaging of the product. This method of labelling is highly accurate and reliable but the disadvantage is that it can be quite a tricky process to master initially.

Depending on what you are using labelling machines for, the rubbing method has been shown to increase the working speed on your machine and this is great if you are looking for high efficiency and fast turnaround. You can view our extensive range of labelling machines here along with detailed information and specifications, and if you need any help or advice on choosing the model that will work for your business, our team of experts are always on hand to help.



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