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Label Applicator – How To Know Which One Is Best

By aisltd, Wednesday, 8th December 2021 | 0 comments
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If you are looking to upgrade, automate, or streamline your labelling process, the right label applicator is essential. Here at AIS we can help you determine what label applicators are right for your business needs.

A lot of companies and businesses benefit from label applicators and the automation of the process. Automatic label applicators provide you with precise placement of the pre-printed labels and this eliminates the need for hand application. This type of automation can be used on a wide variety of products and more is explained in this article.

What Are Label Applicators?

Label application machines are a great way to apply pre-printed labels to your products. They can be used to apply labels to boxes, cartons, shrink wrap, pallets, and clamshell packaging. Thermal Transfer Overprinters are often used and mounted onto various types of labelling machines so they print the information directly onto the label just before the label is applied to the product as it moves down the packaging line.

What Are The Different Types of Label Applicators?

There are four main types of label applications that you will come across and these can be configured to apply pre-printed labels or print onto the labels before applying them.

  • Direct Application: This is the highest speed applicator and the most reliable method for businesses that want to apply labels to the top and side of packaging. It virtually eliminates label jams and the need for mechanical adjustments throughout the day. This applicator has a high throughput and can do up to 150 packs per minute. Labels are applied to the top or side of non-variable height packages.
  • Telescopic Tamp: This type of label applicator can be used when package heights vary or if the package is stationary during the label application process.
  • Front of Pack: This type of label applicator is used when labels must be applied to to the leading panel of the package as it travels down the conveyor belt. This process uses blow technology to avoid direct contact between the applicator arm and the case.
  • Corner Wrap: This type of process is used when labels have to be applied across adjacent panels of the package. It uses direct apply technology to stick the side label and then pneumatic stroke or wipe roller to stick the rest of the label to the rear of the case.

Label applicators are used around the world across food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries and our AIS experts can help you determine which model is best for you and will provide a cost effective and easy to use solution for your application needs.

There are numerous advantages to using label applicators and this includes built-in productivity with direct apply labelling, improving your end of line efficiencies, as well as reducing downtime. For more information, get in touch with one of your experts today who can explain all the benefits of label applicators for your specific business and industry.


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