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Improve Your Machine Vision efficiency

By aisltd, Monday, 11th January 2021 | 0 comments

In this article our AIS experts are going to explore and provide 4 tips to help you improve your machine vision efficiency.

Machine vision efficiency can be improved when you consider lighting techniques, frequency, and light wavelength.This is an area that can often require attention and we hope that these tips will help you save time and help avoid false readings.

The speed of your manufacturing can often be dependent on the speed of your machine vision inspection, and, creating an efficient machine vision system, can have a great many benefits for your business productivity. Below are 4 tips that you can use to improve your machine vision system’s efficiency.

4 Tip to Improve Machine Vision System Efficiency

Lighting Techniques

There are a number of different areas to look at when focusing on lighting techniques and answering whether or not the lighting technique you are using maximises contrast for the area you are inspecting. This can include looking at the backlighting, bright field lighting, low angle linear array, dark field lightning, and grazing. There are a number of different ways that you can illuminate the same application and the one that will have the highest contrast is the one that will help to improve the accuracy of your image capture.

Light wavelength and Frequency

To avoid creating noise in your images which can often happen with metallic products as they can often have a light coating on them because of where they were stored, you can adjust the frequency and wavelength of the light you are using. This will help prevent this type of noise showing up and being introduced in your inspection.

Trigger Range Function

Another thing that can affect the efficiency of your machine vision is electrical noise. This can happen in some industrial environments and it will cause false triggering of your inspection system. This can have a number of consequences that you will want to avoid such as your software saying that objects are failing inspection. To combat this you can implement a trigger range function which will control the length of the trigger signal and help maintain the integrity of your machine vision inspection.


Working in an industrial environment can often cause background or overhead lighting noise to infiltrate your inspection area. This doesn’t have to cause a problem though and you can filter it out by using the correct wavelength lens filter. This will also improve the accuracy of image capture and in many cases the quality of the images too.

It should be noted, that machine vision will always work best in an undisturbed environment and this can be very difficult to achieve in industrial settings. The tips included in this post can be used as quick ways to help improve machine vision inspection and improve the overall efficiency but if you have any other problems or require any further advice on machine vision our experts here at AIS are always on hand to help you out. Get in touch today if you require any assistance or additional help with your machine vision system.



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