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How To Improve Your Food And Beverage Labelling?

By aisltd, Monday, 8th May 2017 | 0 comments

Accurate labelling is important. Not only do you need to ensure you are complying with the relevant legal requirements of the particular industry you’re operating in, you also want your customers to know what they are buying and for the label to stand out from the sea of other labels on the shelf.

Food and Beverage labelling is quite a tricky area as bottles and cans require a different approach to packets and cartons. Here at AIS Ltd, we’re proud to offer a range of machines so that you can create the ideal solution for your product. But what considerations should you look at if you want to improve your food and beverage labels?

Need To Know

In the EU, there are a set of food labelling rules which govern what information you need to include on your label and how it is presented. These laws should be considered to be a bare minimum standard for your label. Including more information about your product will help your customers make an informed choice, but you are obviously limited to the space available to print on, and the size of your product packaging.

Know Your Consumer

Many consumers want to be able to instantly recognise a product on the shelf. Major changes to logos and colours could hit your sales whilst customers adjust to searching for the new labelling.

Increasingly shoppers are looking for easy to read ingredients lists as they seek to avoid certain ingredients such as gluten, peanuts or animal produce. This class of consumer will simply return the product to the shelf if they cannot quickly find the information they seek.

Value for money is another thing that shoppers look for, and your label tells them what to expect. A budget item can get away with a basic label but a more expensive item needs to look the part - drawing the customer to it.

Your Production Line

Where it all comes together is in the final stages of the production line when your product passes through the labelling machines. Modern, high quality, machines can process more items per hour and are less likely to jam up and cause a backlog earlier in the factory, allowing you to work more efficiently. They can also apply labels in many more orientations than was previously possible, which could allow you to include more information or clearer formatting. Some machines are built on a modular system so you can pick the labelling head and application method best suited to your product.

Why Upgrade?

Shoppers judge products by their labels. Well-applied, clearly laid out and informative labels indicate that the food or beverage inside is a quality product. Improving your labelling system could directly impact on your sales.

Here at AIS we’ve got everything you need to improve your product labelling, whatever food or beverage it is that you’re looking to sell. Why not take a look at the machines we have available and start improving the way you label your products? Alternatively get in touch if you wish to discuss your options with one of our expert Engineers. 





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