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How to extend the life of your barcode printer

By aisltd, Friday, 9th July 2021 | 0 comments

Frequent breakdowns with your barcode printer could lead to unnecessary and costly downtime. By keeping your barcode printer in top shape, you can prevent downtime and save money too. Read our 5 top tips to extend the life of your barcode printer.

5 Top Tips To Extend the Life of your Barcode Printer

It is important to choose a barcode printer that is strong enough for the type of business you do. it is also imperative that you choose a model that can handle the volume of label printing you do. Once you’ve done that, the following tips will help ensure it lasts.

  1. Keep it Clean: In a busy work environment it can be easy to overlook this, but your barcode printer will work best if the printhead and platen roller are kept clean. It is advised to clean them every time you install a new ribbon if using a thermal barcode printer. For direct thermal barcode printers, try to clean them after every two rolls of labels.
  2. Care for your Print Heads: Print heads are expensive so it is a good idea to protect them as best you can. This means using the right labels and ribbons and avoiding adjusting the darkness settings. You should only use certified replacement parts. You should also make sure that the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations are adhered to. Never touch the print head element surface if possible.
  3. Use the Right Media: Use the right label and adhesive combination for your barcode printer as this will help to improve the quality of your labels and allow your barcode printer to run on lower energy settings. Cheap media can cause dust and debris to build up and this in turn can damage your printer’s heating elements. Find out more about the printer media supplies available at AIS.
  4. Pay attention to Print Head Pressure and Speed Settings: The manufacturer guidelines provide darkness and pressure settings for your barcode printer and you shouldn’t increase these. Doing so can shorten the life of your printer’s print head. You should only use the fastest print speeds when necessary. Lowering the speed, contrasts, and pressure settings to their lowest whilst maintaining the quality of your labels can extend the life of your print head.
  5. Be Careful Changing Labels: Never use sharp objects to remove labels from the roller or ribbons from the spindle. This can cause you to cut the rubber by accident on the platen roller and affect both print quality and the life of your barcode label printer.

By properly maintaining your barcode printer and following the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning and changing media you can extend its life. For any additional help or advice on barcode printing or choosing the right barcode label printer for your business, get in touch with one of our experts today.



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