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Getting to Know Barcode Readers and Barcode Scanners

By aisltd, Tuesday, 13th March 2018 | 0 comments

Most people are familiar with a barcode reader or barcode scanner from doing their shopping in the supermarket, or other retail outlet. For decades retailers have used barcodes to price stock and manage inventory.

From that initial purpose the use of barcodes and barcode scanners has now spread to other industries including manufacturing, travel, medicine and law, to name just a few. If you want to organise your business and efficiently manage your assets, then investment in barcode technology is a must. A barcode scanner is more than a computer, some can perform more functions than smartphones.

Barcode Label Printers

A barcode consists of a group of bars and spaces and may also contain numbers which contains the unique identification of the item it is attached to. The barcode is an important part of an alpha-numeric data entry system and replaces the need for manual keyboard entry. Barcodes are printed on a barcode label printer.

At AIS Ltd we have a barcode printer to suit every need. Our Zebra Industrial Label Printers cater for clients with high volume, mission critical or speciality applications as well as small to medium sized organisations. If space is limited, but you still require reliability, durability and performance then our Zebra Desk Top Label Printers may be the solution for you. We also stock a variety of mobile printers, which have become popular in recent times.

Barcode Readers and Scanners

Barcode scanners translate the barcode and transmit the information to a computer database. This allows you to see further information on the product you have scanned, such as price, description, amount in stock. 1D or linear barcodes were the original type and are still in use today. However, their capacity to contain information is limited. 2D barcodes have a much larger storage capacity as they store information both horizontally and vertically. While 2D barcodes can contain more information they need to be read by an image scanner rather than a barcode scanner. Barcode scanners can use lasers to read information, or lights and cameras to capture images.

Barcode readers & Scanners come in a range of shapes and sizes. At AIS Ltd we stock corded and wireless handheld scanners which are suitable for general purpose. Our industrial range provides a more robust solution to your scanning needs. Whether you're looking for a fixed position or portable scanner, we have affordable options.

Barcode Verification

Verification relates to the quality of the print on the barcode as set by ISO standards, which is used by retailers on a global scale. Poor quality barcodes may mean that a code fails and has to be input manually. However, there are wider reaching consequences if a barcode fail means that an order is rejected. Poor quality barcodes can be costly to companies. AIS Ltd has spent many years working in the barcode verifier area and the expertise of our engineers is second to none.

If you are responsible for barcode quality please give our experts a call and we will be happy to discuss your issues, or demonstrate our products.



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