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Cab Label Printers – Choosing The Right One for Your Business

By aisltd, Monday, 13th May 2019 | 0 comments
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In today’s post, our experts are looking at Cab label printers. Different printers offer different capabilities and printing technologies and there are four different types of print technologies available in the printing of barcode labels.

We’ll explain these first before looking at the range of Cab printers we have available.

  • Thermal Transfer: This type of print technology uses heat to transfer the ribbon to the label material.
  • Inkjet: Uses ink and is more prominently used when printing in colour.
  • Laser: This is similar to inkjet, but it uses coloured powder and a laser to fuse the ink onto the label material.
  • RFID: This type of print technology writes data to RFID chips embedded in smart labels. The printer is able to transmit the data to the chip and encode it.

Regardless of the technology, below are examples of Cab label printers that we offer for superb on-demand barcode label printing.

Cab Label Printers For All Your Business Needs

Cab Squix

This barcode label printer is an industrial printer and prints in black and white using thermal transfer technology. It combines innovation, ease of use, accuracy, reliability, quality, and speed, into a superb model. It comes with an interactive screen that provides video instructions on how to stock your printer, clean the print head, and print labels. There is an adapter for adding a cutter piece or a peel and present.

Cab XC Series

This series of Cab label printers includes the Cab XC4 and XC6 models. They are thermal printers that also allow you to add a colour to your label scheme with additional ribbon. You can also print graphic elements to fit your company needs. The Cab XC series features a high resolution print head and ensures that crucial information is placed with precision.


This Cab label printer allows for versatile printing and has a touch screen interface with excellent training videos. This makes it easy to queue label formats, add variable or fixed data, and print on demand with no PC connection required. The printer can save data to a USB stick and recall various label formats. The unit itself is compact in design which makes it easy to incorporate into your existing processes.

Cab Mach 4

The Cab Mach 4 offers the highest quality print and up to 8 inches per second in print speed. It also has RFID printing capabilities. This is a thermal transfer printer and can come with up to 600 dpi print resolution. Excellent performance and versatility is guaranteed.

Cab Hermes

This Cab label printer comes with an optional upgrade where you can also include a label applicator feature. It offers precision placement and increased efficiencies. It is fast and volatile and is best used for industrial applications.

Now that you are familiar with the range of Cab label printers we offer at AIS Ltd why not get in touch with any questions you might have. Our experts are always on hand to help and ensure that you choose the right label printer for your business needs.



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