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Best Barcode Label Printer Performance Features

By aisltd, Thursday, 23rd April 2020 | 0 comments
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In order to ensure you get the most out of your barcode label printer, it is important to assess the performance variables available before you make your purchase. In this post, our AIS experts look at the different elements your label printer should include.

6 Barcode Label Printer Performance Features to Inspect

  1. Printer Durability: The durability of any printer is directly related to the environment in which it will be used in. Some Zebra printers are designed specifically for harsh industrial environments. This means they come with a sealed cabinet which prevents dust from getting into it and disrupting operations. These rugged Zebra printers can also be used in offices and for light industry and commercial applications.


  1. Print Volume: The daily output requirements for your business is something you need to know. Zebra printers from the high performance ZT series are designed to operate continuously. They can be set to operate nonstop for 24 hour cycles during peak printing seasons. There are other models that will work better if you have a lower print volume or intermittent printing needs.


  1. Print Speed: The print speed is an important feature and if you need a high volume of labels printed each day this is something you need to consider prior to purchasing any printer. The print speed also include the amount of time it takes to convert the program and data to an image on a label and this in turn can be affected by the complexity of the label formatting. In some cases, the label formatting can cause delays which in turn will affect the overall printing speed of your printer.


  1. Label Image Durability: If you need labels that are long lasting with crisp clear images, thermal transfer printers are the best. Direct thermal printers are great for short-term applications where you only need the labels to last for a limited amount of time, usually from 7 days up to a year. Direct thermal printers do not produce labels that are as durable as thermal transfer especially if they are going to be exposed to direct sunlight or chemicals.


  1. Print Resolution: Higher resolutions are often required if you are printing text and barcodes on very small labels. High resolution is required for the electronics or pharmaceutical industries. The higher resolution provides detailed printing that is crisp on smaller surfaces without impairing scanner readability. A lot of Zebra printer models have 203 dpi resolution which is used for normal printing but there are models that have 300 dpi and 600 dpi for higher resolution needs.


  1. Print Width: When deciding which Zebra printer is right for you the width of the labels you need to print should be considered. Zebra thermal printers offer a range of maximum print widths from 2 inch for mobile and some desktop models, up to 8.5 inches for larger labels. If you will be printing large labels such as shipping labels you will need to choose a wide label printer. Wide label printers have additional benefits too in that they can print faster and some models can be used in both orientations. Wide label printers can also multitask with the “multiple up” printing feature as well as allowing for “multiple cut” printing.


We hope these 6 performance features will help you narrow down your selections and choose the right Zebra printer for your applications. Be sure to visit our Zebra label printers page for more information.



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