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Barcode Scanner Technology Advancements and What They Mean

By aisltd, Monday, 8th November 2021 | 0 comments
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The use of barcode scanner technology is something that has become a staple in many companies today. This article explores existing and new technologies.

It is used in a wide range of business applications and in today’s modern world barcode scanners are used for everything. Without the tagging ability of barcodes, a lot of services would come to a halt. Having the right barcode scanner is important.

Barcode Scanners Today

Almost every industry in the world today uses barcode scanning technology and a barcode scanner has become a crucial tool. It is used in almost every industry including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, retails, and more. Below are some of the items in barcode technology today.

  • QR Codes: There has been a visible increase in the use of QR codes and the growing familiarity with QR codes is not surprising. These are one of the easiest ways for industries to connect the digital and physical world. QR codes are increasingly used in the smartphone industry and are often one of the easiest ways for the public to access online content. QR codes can make it easier for businesses to track and trace movements and companies can use them to easily show products and services to their customers. With dedicated apps, people can scan QR codes to access specific information, purchase items or receive special offers, and much more.
  • RFID Tags: Used more in the commercial field, RFID tags are the best option for asset tracking. This type of barcode can relay data over a distance of up to 100 metres and this has proven to be the best way for employees to get inventory data without having to travel. RFID tags are used in daily life too. They are used on toll roads so that payments can be collected, and they can even be used to detect speeding vehicles.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication): Near Field Communication technology is the technology that is used for mobile payments from Apple Pay and Google Wallet. You need a tag and a device to interact with this technology. The tag sends a command to your mobile asking it to submit a payment. We expect to see a lot more NFC tags integrated into products so information can be sent and received in a single scan.

It is not only the scanning technology that has advanced, the barcode scanner has also advanced. You can purchase a barcode scanner that can accommodate a range of add-ons for the different types of barcode scanning that is required. This means that if your business uses RFID, QR Codes, or NFC, there is a barcode scanner you can use.

Our team of experts at AIS are fully up to date with all the advances in barcode scanning technology and as such are available to advise and help you choose the barcode scanner that will work for your business needs. Whether it’s a handheld barcode scanner or mobile scanner, we can help you choose the model and brand that will suit your budget and your needs.


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