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Barcode & OCR Inspection Solution

By aisltd, Thursday, 7th July 2016 | 0 comments

Verify Barcode presence, data and perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on text fields in one pass. Suitable for the Food & Beverage/Pharmaceutical Industry.  

IMPACT+ OCR is the new Datalogic innovative solution for robust and effective OCR (e.g. expiration date, lot number) and barcode inspection for the Food & Beverage/Pharmaceutical industry.

The new Datalogic P19 Smart Camera is powered by IMPACT+ OCR, providing a dedicated User Operator Interface which easily performs multiple OCR inspections. The P19 Smart Camera is an embedded standalone device that features a high resolution CMOS sensor with 1280x1024 pixels at up to 60fps.

Lenses and illuminators are fully interchangeable and can be mounted and replaced by the user. Five focal lengths and nine lighting options result in 45 different combinations delivering outstanding installation flexibility while offering superior image acquisition capabilities.

With compact dimensions and rotating connectors, the P19 can be installed even in extremely narrow spaces. The IP67 rated metal housing guarantees maximum protection in the most harsh factory environments containing dust, water and oil. 

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