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Barcode Label Software - Getting Started

By aisltd, Wednesday, 12th July 2017 | 0 comments

If you deal with barcodes, then you know you need a reliable way to create and transfer barcodes to a printer. That’s where barcode software comes in.

Barcode software can range from a simple barcode generator to a complex program used to harness the power of a large database.

You may be a business owner, a manager, or an individual selling just a few products. But regardless of your role, you need to produce high quality barcodes.

If you’re a high volume seller, then you’ll want software that easily interfaces with your database and can communicate in native printer languages.
If you sell products to a vendor or middleman, then you’ll need the ability to print a variety of different barcodes, using multiple fonts.

If you have a small retail operation that mostly sells in-house products, then you’ll want to coordinate your barcode software with your barcode scanner, and find a software program that will print barcode labels quickly and easily.

Barcode software – Questions to ask

Before choosing a barcode software package, take some time to evaluate your needs.

(1) Are you creating and printing a lot of barcodes for business use?

(2) Do you need access to many different barcode fonts?

(3) Will you need to import data or export barcodes from other software programs?

(4) Are you planning to add design features to your barcode labels?

AIS offer the following barcode software packages:

Should you wish to speak to one of our representatives about which barcode software best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us