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AIS Solution for Web Print Inspection

By aisltd, Wednesday, 7th September 2016 | 0 comments
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Materials produced in a continuous roll or sheet, such as paper, textiles, film, foil, plastics, metals, glass, or coatings, are best inspected by line scan systems.

Line scanning offers unlimited pixels in the direction of a web's motion with zero smear even at high speeds, higher dynamic range, greater processing efficiency and much lower price/pixel.

Line scan systems provide higher resolution with fewer cameras and inspect 100% of a moving surface without smear or the need to process frame overlaps.

Your manufacturing process may benefit from this type of solution in order to:

*           Carry out print inspection

*           Find defects such as cracks, tears, knots, holes

*           Find colour variations

*           Read a barcode, 2D matrix code, or stamped characters

*           Perform a critical dimensional measurement

The Engineering team at AIS have a deep understanding of this type of solution and have designed and installed dozens of solutions both in Ireland and in Europe. One such solution was recently deployed by a Spanish pharmaceutical company who needed a specifically designed solution for print inspection on an aluminium web for blister packs.

This particular solution which encompasses Datalogic Processors, a high resolution camera and the AIS Proofreading- Vision Software for Web Control can be used to analyse cartons, labels or any other printed material as long as there is a feeder that is capable of moving it in front of the camera.

Further information

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