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5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Label Printer

By aisltd, Monday, 25th November 2019 | 0 comments
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If you’re looking to purchase a new label printer but aren’t sure what model will suit your business needs, our experts have your covered.

In this post we are going to look at the top 5 things you need to consider when choosing a label printer. Our tips cover a number of different areas including speed, durability, cost, label size, and more.

5 Tips For Choosing a Label Printer

  • Durability: Our first tip for buying a label printer is to consider where your labels are going. Will they be fixed to products that require more durability such as health and safety signs, freezers, etc? If so, you will need a label printer that uses pigment based ink or LED technology. A lot of inkjet label printers use water based ink which isn’t as durable. It’s not UV secure or waterproof either.
  • Printer Speed: The print speed varies greatly so the next thing to consider is how many labels you need to print and how quickly you need them. There are label printers that can produce 6 or 12 inches per second without sacrificing the quality. Our AIS Ltd experts can help you choose the model with the right speed for your printing needs.
  • How will the labels be applied? Will you be applying labels to your products by hand or is automation required. Hand applications don’t pose a problem but if you need automation you need to make sure that the labels can be rewound onto rolls to suit your application process. Sheet fed label printers won’t be of use for automation processes.
  • Cost: Cost is always something to consider and in particular the cost per print. The more you spend on your label printer the lower your running costs should be. This is important to consider when looking at the different models because a model that is half the price might end up costing you more in printing costs. You can calculate the costs over a period of time, for example, a year, to determine the total running costs.
  • Label Size: Label printers can support different sizes of labels. The most common sizes are 4 or 8 inches but there are some models that can print bigger labels too. Determining the size of your labels will help to narrow down your options too.

There are more options and things to consider when purchasing a label printer and it is advisable to get samples, costs per print, and as much information about the device as possible before making your decision. Our experts at AIS Ltd, are available to help should you have any questions and our range of printers can be found on our website along with label printer supplies and consumables so you can assess everything before you commit to your purchase. We supply a range of label printers from Zebra and Cab as well as labels in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from industrial label and colour printers, desktop barcode printers, mobile printers, and more.




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