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10 Maintenance Tips for Your Zebra Printer

By aisltd, Monday, 19th November 2018 | 0 comments
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If you want to ensure that you keep your zebra printer functioning to the best of its ability, our top 10 maintenance tips are sure to help. These important tips will keep your zebra thermal barcode printer working perfectly.

Zebra Printer Maintenance Tips

Keep Printheads Clean

The first failure in many thermal barcode printers happens because printheads are not being cleaned on a regular basis. You should clean your printhead every time you replace the ribbon or roll of labels. It only takes a minute to do and could save you a great deal over the life of your zebra printer.

Check the Recommended Heat and Darkness Settings

If you think you are using too many printheads too often, check your user’s manual and make sure the recommended heat and darkness settings are correct. An incorrect setting can reduce the lifespan of the printhead and cost you a lot more over the life of your zebra printer.

Keep the Media Sensor Clean

The media sensor or label sensor is what keeps the space between the label and the printhead constant. If dust gets on this it can stop your printer. We recommend using air dusters to keep this clean. You should do this before you put a new roll in.

Use Quality Ribbons

Low quality ribbons can cause wax build-up on the platen rollers and assembles which will lower your printing quality. This can cause barcode and label issues. We supply a full range of Zebra printer supplies including ribbon.

Use a Wider Ribbon

You should buy a ribbon that is slightly wider than the actual label. The extra width helps to lubricate the printhead and extend its life.

Use Good Quality Label Paper

Cheap rolls of labels can often have a rougher grain which causes additional wear on your printheads and reduces the lifespan. Printheads can be expensive so it is worth spending the extra few cents on good quality paper instead. We supply a wide range of labels, contact us to discuss further. 

Use the Pause Test

If you find that information is missing on our label, it could be that the print element in the printhead is burnt. To check this, perform a Pause test. First turn off your printer, then press and hold Pause while turning the power on. Hold Pause until the first control panel light turns off. The self test will print 15 labels at the slowest speed then automatically pauses the printer. Every time you press Pause an additional 15 labels will print. It is important to keep in mind that printheads are consumables and will need to be replaced from time to time.

Watch Error Alerts

To proactively manage your Zebra printer, you should keep an eye on remote alerts. There are several tools you can use including ZebraNet Bridge and ZebraLink. These help you monitor and control your barcode printers and take note of any alerts.

Keep Your Zebra Printer Clean

You should keep your zebra printer clean on the inside and the outside. By not cleaning it, it can become exposed to dust and debris which can cause problems. The outside surfaces should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Don’t use abrasives or harsh chemicals. You should clean the inside of your zebra printer and remove dust every time you chance rolls. You can use a soft duster or air cleaner. Remember to clean the printhead and platen rollers the sensors, and other installed accessories on a regular basis.

Use Only Certified Parts

You should only use manufacturer’s certified parts for your zebra printer if you want it to last. Contact us if you require any parts for your printer, our team will be happy to help. 


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