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Full range of Datalogic Sensors in stock in Dublin/Cork.

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As Datalogic's only elite quality partner in Ireland, we supply the complete range of Datalogic products, including industrial sensors for universal applications and those applications with very specific requirements.

We can provide sensors and accessories from any of the categories below. Contact us now with your requirements!

Inductive Proximity

Inductive and capacitive proximity offers a reliable detection where photoelectric is not applicable. Inductive are used for metal parts at close distance, wheras capacitive are suggested for any material inside opaque containers.


Our partner Datalogic provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications with specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.


Ultrasonic sensors offer a reliable distance measurement, based on ultrasounds transmission and reflection, for an accurate positioning control, without influence from object colour or light reflection, also in presence of clear transparent objects, whereas ultrasonic fork sensors are used for clear label detection.

Optical Encoders

Optical encoders are used for conveyor belt motion control and linear measurement. Incremental encoders give a number of pulses per revolution, wheres absolute singleturn or multiturn encoders give a different digital code for each position.


High-efficiency reflectors for longer operating distance. Micro-prismatic reflectors for high-resolution detection. High-temperature, Extra-flexible, High-efficiency fibers. Fiber optics light array, Fiber units with focussing lens. Cables with axial or right-angle M8 or M12 connectors. Plastic support and metal bracket for sensor mounting