Automatic Label Applicators

Pharmaceutical Applications & Labelling Systems

The specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry require labelling machines that can accurately apply labels onto products which contain security and quality control information. HERMA manufactures labelling machines that combine the precision demanded by the industry, with reliability.

Each machine can be custom designed to adhere to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical environments including full stainless steel structure and coders for batch number stamping.

Equipment validation through IQ/OQ/PQ processes complete with documentation drafting ensures compliance with GAMP industry standards.

HERMA labelling systems provide solutions for individual high-tech labelling tasks such as:

  • Vial and small bottle labelling
  • Unit and Case Product
  • Tamper seal/Tamper Evident Labelling and wipe-down
  • Box seal labels
  • Tray feed systems
  • Rotary in-feed and out-feed tables
  • Integrated label inspection systems
  • Product eject systems
  • FAT and SAT
  • 21 CFR Part 11 ready

The ALpharma self-labelling systems have been specially devised by ALTECH for the packaging of pharmaceutical products. 

Based on the wide experience gained in designing its innovative labelling systems, which have proven extremely successful in all market sectors, ALTECH has developed the ALpharma line, whose particularly advanced features fully comply with the strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.